Wrong wrong decision

I think this was a very wrong decision. The site is a search engine and does not hold any copyrighted files. By accepting that is a crime to provide search services just because some of the files shared may be piracy we are opening the door to much higher control over the internet. Next step will be general use of firewalls (like in China) or tracking (like was proposed in France) because some of the traffic may be piracy. At the end it will be more and more control until each government controls every flow of binary that goes in the net like it can control every flow of material that happens in the physical space. Our kids will not have the chance to experience a space of global freedom and that will be very sad.

I hope the final decision is different. Piracy must end but without giving up on everybody's freedom.

2 Responses to “Wrong wrong decision”

  1. 1 April 17, 2009 at 03:28 pm by policeman

    If you are not doing piracy, then you loose nothing if the site closes. Right?

  2. 2 April 17, 2009 at 08:41 pm by pvl

    Suppose there was a newspaper that reported a list of places were illegal drugs can be bought. Suppose the newspaper was closed by a court because it gave information to people that did something illegal. Suppose I don't read that newspaper. Should I ignore it? Or should I think that this decision will restrict the freedom of all media?

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