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Back to the surface

After a long dive into facebook caves and twitter deep waters I'm surfacing again to this blog.

It was an interesting experience, it is true that social networks take out some of the motivation to blog. But after a while, facebook starts to look like a boring walled garden and tweeting 140 chars sometimes feels a bit stupid. So this is the start of a new blogging cycle and it feels good.


Checkin online da TAP II

Ok, vamos lá tentar fazer o checkin online na TAP. Primeiro aqui

depois confirmar o lugar e imprimir o bilhete. Humm, o site ficou pendurado. Ok, tenho que voltar atrás e voltar a imprimir. Não funciona?! Deixa ver porquê. Ah, o link para imprimir é um javascript que só funciona na primeira vez que se clica. Estranho. E se voltar a entrar na secção do checkin online?

Bom não resulta, mas existe uma opção para alterar o checkin. Onde estará isso. Não vejo o link na página principal, vou procurar no mapa do site.

Enfim, nada no mapa do site. Onde estará o &#%#* do link? Ahhhh tão óbvio que era.


Wrong wrong decision

I think this was a very wrong decision. The site is a search engine and does not hold any copyrighted files. By accepting that is a crime to provide search services just because some of the files shared may be piracy we are opening the door to much higher control over the internet. Next step will be general use of firewalls (like in China) or tracking (like was proposed in France) because some of the traffic may be piracy. At the end it will be more and more control until each government controls every flow of binary that goes in the net like it can control every flow of material that happens in the physical space. Our kids will not have the chance to experience a space of global freedom and that will be very sad.

I hope the final decision is different. Piracy must end but without giving up on everybody's freedom.


Pombo correio

As finanças acabam de me enviar um email a pedir as coordenadas geográficas e autorização para me mandarem um pombo correio com uma mensagem. Grandes malucos estes cobradores de impostos.

Piles of cars

When I was a kid I used to play with those tiny toy cars and park them around the carpets at home. These Guardian photos on the growing stocks of cars reminded me of those days (of course my stock was way smaller).

Yep, Jags one this last one.